At a young age I was always creative and imaginative. My first sculpture was made from a plethora of unmatched socks and hanger wire.  It was by far a conversational piece and had people thinking, " so that's where my other sock went". Using recycled material  allowed me to think outside the box and create art for all to enjoy. 

Fascinated with metal sculpture, I learned to weld and  become a metal sculptures.  My innate talent, knowledge as a certified welder and passion as an artist led me into the world of  public art, sculptural bikes racks, performance art  and teaching.

Creating sculptural functional art and the self reward I get from teaching welding to all ages, allows me to make a  difference in my community and the lives I touch trough the creation of art!  

The magical journey and process of metal sculpting and the human connections I experience, gives meaning and purpose to my life. It is the one constant that grounds me and allows me to share my passion.  I'm thankful for all that I have and excited for us to experience the joy of working together!